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Buenos Aires is the marvelous capital of Argentina. The city combines romantic European and passionate Latin American spirits that you can feel in its architecture and artistic heritage. You would love Buenos Aires's he charismatic district-barrios, cobblestone streets lined with adorable bars, cafes and boutiques. Our digital trip planner suggests you a wide variety of attractions you can adjust to your taste and preferences!

The sunny Latin city suggest you experiences you can find nowhere else. One of them is the Calle Museo Caminito street museum that will convey the colorful vibes of Buenos Aires. It is comprised of colorful houses painted by famous Argentinian artists! The paintings represent port life and the Argentine tango.

As the inhabitants of Buenos Aires, porteños, love nightlife the dinner starts as late as 9pm. It continues at the many bars and pubs of its districts, most famous of which are those at Plaza Serrano, Palermo Soho.
If you truly wish to keep up with the dynamic local life, don't forget to take the siesta- the mandatory afternoon nap!

The birthplace of famous Argentinian tango allows any traveller to have his own tango experience at city's various restaurants, cafes and even streets. San Telmo district of Buenos Aires is the heart of Argentinian tango. You can see professional tango couples dance at district's central Plaza Dorrego. Take a glass of wine and enjoy the scenery. If you truly wish to delve into the tango mood don't miss the World Tango Festival in August.

However, it is best to plan your trip to Buenos Aires in autumn or spring as the temperature then is softer and accommodations are cheaper.

Our trip planner has collected a number of itineraries for any traveler to arrange their Buenos Aires visit faster, easier and more effective!

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Top Buenos Aires things to do

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Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is a modern neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1990s it was completely renovated into contemporary residence area. Today the liveliest and busiest district of Buenos Aires welcomes you with with its marvelous natural setting and dynamic nightlife.

Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery is a graveyard located in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is an in essential tourist attraction as many prominent people are buried here. The cemetery looks like a labyrinth and is famous as "the city of the dead". It is truly a unique and memorable experience you can find nowhere else.

Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires is one of the best opera houses in the world. It is compared to La Scala of Milan or Opera House of Paris. It is mostly outstanding for rich history and architecture. The building features marvelous eclectic style. Teatro Colon is a pearl of Argentinian and world culture.


Recoleta is a historically and culturally significant district located in central Buenos Aires. Recoleta is a great architectural interest for tourists for its European architecture. The famous Recoleta Cemetery, a significant touristic attraction known as the city of the dead, also stands in this district.

Top Buenos Aires hotels

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Exe Hotel Colón

Situated in the heart of Buenos Aires, Exe Hotel Colón offers tasteful suites overlooking the Obelisk. The property is 300 metres from Colon Theatre, 500 metres from Florida Pedestrian Street and 700 metres from Kirchner Cultural Centre. Free WiFi access is available. Elegant suites at Hotel Colon...

Globales Republica

In the heart of downtown Buenos Aires directly opposite the Obelisk, Globales Republica boasts an a la carte restaurant and a bar where guests can relax with an evening drink. A buffet breakfast is served daily. All rooms at the Globales Republica have air conditioning and satellite TVs. Some rooms...

Gran Hotel Argentino

Located a few meters from 9 de Julio Avenue and 300 metres from the Obelisk, Gran Hotel Argentino offers comfortable rooms and easy access to public transportation in Buenos Aires. Free WiFi access is provided. Plaza de Mayo Square and the Pink House are 500 metres away. The charming guestrooms at...

Hotel Reconquista Plaza

The 4-star Hotel Reconquista Plaza is situated in the heart of Buenos Aires, 900 metre from Teatro Colon and 300 metres from Puerto Madero Waterfront. Free internet access and a bathroom with bathtub and shower are included in all accommodations. Another highlight of the hotel is its staff, which are...

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Top Buenos Aires restaurants

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Cafe Tortoni

In this café time seems to have stood still like an old photograph, when people used to come here to play billiards, cards, or just to share a coffee with friends. With each day that passes, the place becomes an ever more indispensable part of the history of Buenos Aires.

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