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Top Sao Paulo Tours

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Private Tour: São Paulo City Tour

If you want to see São Paulo’s top attractions and you’ve only got a few hours to spare, book a private city tour to cover a lot of ground as you explore by vehicle and on foot. A private guide will accompany you on a walk through São Paulo’s historical downtown and take you on a scenic drive...

City Tour Meet São Paulo

This City Tour Meet São Paulo presents the main touristic places, monuments and historical landmarks of the city. A long of the tour you will see the most different and amazing sides about the urban and economic development giving to the tourist a new point of view about how São Paulo...

São Paulo City Tour: MASP, Paulista Avenue and More

This city tour of São Paulo takes you to see the main places of interest, monuments and historical landmarks of the city. Along the way you’ll discover the diverse neighborhoods and learn about the city’s urban and economic development.

São Paulo Private City Tour

This 4 hour private and exclusive city tour of São Paulo is suitable if you are in lay-over or taking a break from your hotel opting for an overview of the main attractions from São Paulo City.  Enjoy sightseeing by executive car or van with a knowledgeable and Licensed tour guide. Take a brief...

Private Tour: Coffee and Beaches Day Trip from São Paulo

Take a São Paulo day trip to the city of Santos, famous for its coffee exports and hang out at several island beaches in nearby Guarujá. With round-trip transport by private vehicle, your expert guide will take you past the Santos Port on a tour of the Coffee Palace, site of Brazil’s coffee stock...

Private Eco Tour at Cantareira State Park from São Paulo

Venture into Brazil’s Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest) on a half-day eco-tour from São Paulo. Traveling to Cantareira State Park by private vehicle, you’ll catch a breath of fresh air in the dense forest landscape that surrounds the city – declared a São Paulo City Green Belt Biosphere...

Private Tour: Santos and Guaruja Beach

This private tour is a great choice for those who are looking for both an historical and an ecological tour, a mix between the gorgeous beaches of Guaruja and the history of Santos city. If you are looking for history and nature, you will be impressed by this tour. The trip from São Paulo to Santos...

Private Gastronomy Tour of São Paulo

Experience the culinary culture of Brazil as you explore some of São Paulo’s greatest food markets on a three-hour private tour with an informative guide. Find every kind of food your palate desires as you walk through the famous Municipal Market of São Paulo as well as a typical street market....

Private Street Art Tour of São Paulo

See the best of São Paulo’s street art on a 3-hour private tour of the city. Discover São Paulo’s downtown as well as the ‘bairros’ (neighborhoods) of Vila Madalena and Santana, viewing graffiti-covered streets and alleys with a knowledgeable guide. As you explore this increasingly popular...

Sao Paulo 4-Hour Private City Tour

Discover the main sights of Sao Paulo on a private 4-hour tour of the world’s 3rd largest city. Learn about Sao Paulo’s culture, see colonial architecture, such as the Catedral da Sé, and city districts like the Jardins neighborhood and Morumbi.

São Paulo 3-Hour Private Architecture Tour

Discover the wide range of different architectural styles that exist in São Paulo with a private, 3-hour tour. Cover a variety of the styles with stand-out examples and learn more about the architects who have made São Paulo such an impressive city.

3 Beaches - Paradise Route Tour from São Paulo

Discover white-sand beaches and warm, turquoise waters on the coast of São Paulo state on this full-day, small group tour from the city of São Paulo. Not far from this bustling metropolis city are some of Brazil's most beautiful beaches — take the 'Paradise Route' and visit Bertioga, Guarujá...

Discover the best tours in Sao Paulo here: and more. Learn about the city's highlights while exploring. Don't miss important details about the history of the place.This list of tours will help you to get the most from your trip.

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