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Beijing previously known as Peking) is the capital of China and one of the busiest cities in the world. The uniqueness of the Beijing is in the fact, that the city is an ideal mixture of two contradictories, traditions and modernism. The city never stops changing and surprising its visitors with the historic architecture on one hand and modernist solutions on the other hand.
Beijing trip planner in its turn is a great combination of comfortable and smart itineraries, which will make any journey to Beijing unforgettable. The plans, which are suggested in this page are appropriate for all kinds of travelers; for those who prefer historic trips, for those who like nature, for the tourists who are in budget and for those, who are with family, couples, friends or kids.
Beijing is the city of parks, lakes, palaces and temples. Every spot in Beijing is an individual masterpiece to see and discover. Started from the Imperial palaces, and Forbidden City, finished with the large parks and the huge Beijing zoo, all the point in this city is a must see point.
The attractions, events and tours included in the itineraries contain all the spots, which are worth visiting. They are a complete package of highlights and secret corners of the city.
The rich culture of Beijing will interest any tourist, as the ancient traditions are visible everywhere. Cuisine is another important point for every traveler to try in Chinese capital. All the best restaurants and the variety of dining places are also here, in Beijing trip planner.
Check the ready plans, change them as you wish or create your individual route to Beijing here and have the best tour to China.

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Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)

Summer Palace is a huge complex which includes several lakes, hills parks and palaces.It is situated in Beijing and is called Yiheyuan by locals. The majority of the complex is water and the whole area is 2.9 square kilometres. It has become the most visited attraction in the city.

Forbidden City-The Palace Museum

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace, which is now a museum. The palace was a home to different dynasties of Chinese Š•mpire between 1420 and 1912. There are over 980 buildings in the area of 72 hectares. The buildings are examples of traditional Chinese architecture.

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is an ensemble of religious buildings, situated in Beijing. The temple is also called Tiantan Park. It was a place, were the emporors and the royals gather every year to pray to Heaven for a good luck and happiness. The temple was built in 15th century.

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Beijing Prime Hotel Wangfujing

Ideally located 1 km from the famous 700-year-old Wangfujing Street, Prime Hotel offers 5 dining options, an indoor pool and free parking. Spacious rooms feature free WiFi and city views. Prime Hotel is housed right at the well-known shopping street of Beijing and enjoys easy access to key tourist...

Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing

Modern luxury can be enjoyed at Park Plaza Wangfujing Beijing, within 2.5 km of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. It is only steps away from Dengshikou Subway Station (line 5). Offering 3 dining options, it has free internet and a gym. Beijing Wangfujing Park Plaza Hotel is about 23 km from...

Novotel Beijing Peace

Centrally located in Wangfujing shopping area, Novotel Beijing Peace is only a 2-minute walk from Dengshikou subway station (line 5) and a 10-minute walk from Dongdan subway station (line 1). It features an indoor heated pool, 2 restaurants and free Wi-Fi in all areas. Surrounded by various shopping...

Novotel Beijing Xinqiao

Just in front of Chongwenmen Subway Station (Line 2 and 5), Novotel Beijing Xinqiao is awarded the Certificate of Excellence in 2012 by TripAdvisor and stand decades of history hosting numerous prominent leaders. Boasting 6 dining options, it also has a hot spring spa, a 24-hour gym and an iMac...

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