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Guangzhou is the capital and most populous city of the Guangdong province. It is situated at the banks of Pearl river and has a great landscape due to it. The city is famous for its gardens, green areas and fresh air.
Guangzhou trip planner page is a collection of the best itineraries for the trip to one of the most popular cities in China. The page includes the best things to do, tours, events, restaurants and hotels, smartly grouped in different travel plans. The itineraries are made according to the users preference and interests.
Guangzhou has always been an important city for the whole Chinese economy. One of the most famous ports in China is there. It is considered to be an Alpha-Global city. The attractions, which are always at the center of tourists’ attention are Guangzhou Tower, Shamian Island, Chimelong Safari Park, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall and White Cloud Mountain.
The city is rich in minerals. The climate is also great anytime of the year. It has a humid and soft temperature all year round.
Your visit to this city with Guangzhou trip planner will be more effective and enjoyable. Plan a trip here and have a nice journey.

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Canton Tower

The Canton Tower is an observation tower, which is also used in multi-functional purposes. The tower is well-known as Guangzhou Tower. The Canton tower is TV Astronomical and Sightseeing point, which is the most visited attraction in Guangzhou. The 604 metres tower was constructed in 2009.

Shamian Island

Shamian is is a sandy island in Guangzhou. The name means “sandy surface”, as the island is famous for its high quality sand. The island occupies 0.3 square area and is situated at the bank of Pearl river.Shamian is full of heritages, which are marks of different periods of Chinese history.

Chimelong Safari Park

Chimelong Safari Park is a family attraction in Guangzhou, which is a part of the famous amusement tourist company “Chimelong Group”. The Chimelong Safari Park is the largest wild animal theme park in the world. It holds over 20,000 rare animals and occupies an area of more than 1333.34 square km.

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall-Folk Craft Museum

The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall is an academic temple was a historical study and accomodation place for the royal juniors, who lived and studied there for their imperial exams in 1800s. The hall is a combination of 19 separate buildings, 9 halls and many yards.

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