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Hong Kong Trip Planner


Hong Kong trip planner is an online agenda for your trip to the powerful and symbolic city. The itineraries in this page offer a wide range of the top attractions, things to do, restaurants, events and tours in the Chinese metropolis. The plans in the page are flexible so you can change them and adjust to your tastes and preferences.


The dynamic, vibrant and densely populated metropolis is a top destination for people all over the word. Hong Kong is located on the southern coasts of China. It faces the South China Sea. It consists of the Hong Kong Island, the New Territories and the Kowloon.

Hong Kong is a global financial and shopping hub. The city is full of modern skyscrapers that are the best in the world. Foreigners call Hong Kong "Pearl of the Orient", whereas locals brand it as “Asia’s World City”.

Here are several reasons that make Hong Kong attractive destination for tourists:

• Hong Kong is a unique mixture of the East and the West. It used to be a British colony, thus it bears both the influence of the British-western culture and the local Chinese culture.

• No language barriers exist for tourists. The city population speaks both Chinese and English. All the street signs are bilingual making it easier for foreigners to orientate around the city.

• Hong-Kong has an effective visa policy. Many tourists coming from over 170 countries, including US, Canada, European states can enter it easily.

• It is a famous shopping hub that offers a wide range of products. Luxury boutiques, designer clothes, affordable antiquities, electronics, cosmetics, jewelry and souvenirs- all are here. Most of the products are tax free, thus come at relatively low prices.

• Experts label Hong Kong “Gourmet Paradise”. It suggests a variety of food it to people of different tastes and budgets. Chinese dim sum with hot tea, roasted goose, brisket noodles are among must-try dishes for people visiting Hong Kong.

It is best to visit Hong Kong between October and December. The weather then is fine and the accommodation prices are lower.


Our trip planner has collected a number of itineraries for any traveler to arrange their Hong Kong trip faster, easier and more effective!

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Victoria Peak (The Peak)

The Victoria Peak or simply the Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island, which offers a spectacular view of the sparkling skyscrapers of the city and the admiring nature of the Victoria Harbour. The Peak Tram, which is Asia’s oldest funicular, leads to Peak Tower complex. Annually it welcomes 4 million people from all over the world.

Star Ferry

The Starr Ferry boats have been carrying passengers across Victoria Harbour, from Hong Kong to Kowloon Island, for more than 100 years! The cross-Harbour tours have become popular attractions for both visitors and locals of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Visit Hong Kong Disneyland and experience the Asian version of the magical Disney. Seven themed areas full of fairy tale and cartoon characters, attractions and pure magic. It's an amazing destination for people who are child at heart.

Hong Kong Skyline

The Hong Kong Islands dramatic skyline is the most famous and spectacular in the world, that beats out even New York City or Tokyo, according to travelers. There are many spots around the city that can open up the best view of those power buildings.

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