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The unique architecture, museums, food and nightlife have made the capital of Czech Republic popular touristic center for any traveller: couples, families and friends.

Prague is a perfect destination for those who want to delve into the medieval European culture. It combines a historic architecture of Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, classical and modern style. City’s main attractions include the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, Old Town, Prague’s famous astronomical clock, the Jewish Museum etc. The historic centre of the city, Old Town, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The streets of Prague have one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Europe. So take a walk around instead of using the public transportation!

For many its main attraction is the hearty cuisine! A common Prague street food is trdelnik, traditional Slovak roll originating from the region of Transylvania. It is served warm, covered with sugar or cinnamon, on the streets of the city! Try it out when in Prague!

For cheese lover the city suggests smazeny syr. The unique dish is a deep fried cheese served with fries. You can find it in street vendors all around Prague.
And last but not the least- the Czech Beer! Beer has been historically brewed in Prague since 10th century in various monasteries. The city suggests a wide range of Czech Beer, which is among the best in the world. The Czech Beer Festival, the biggest in the country, is held annually for 17 days in May!


Best time of the year to plan your trip to Prague the spring and early fall. The temperature then is mild and there are fewer crowds. In summertime the weather is better, however the attractions are crowded and accomodation prices are high.

Take a look at our trip planner for more itinerary options. Organize your Prague visit faster, easier and more effective!

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Top Prague things to do

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Charles Bridge (Karlův most)

Charles Bridge is a historic stone bridge crossing the Vltava River. It is on the must-visit-list for travelers and anyone in Prague. 16 arches and 30 religious statues cover the bridge. It was built in 15th century and stands up to present day.

Old Town Square

Old Town combines all of the historic monuments you need to see in Prague. The district has been inhabited for 1000 years and more. The famous Charles bridge will lead you to the medieval buildings and streets of Prague.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the most significant and ancient monument in the Czech Republic. The castle bears 1000 years of its cultural and historical heritage. Explore the Roman style 10th century building with its 14th century Gothic renovations!

Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock

Old Town Hall is a 14th century building famous all over the world. It houses an observation tower and astronomical clock. The astronomical clock performance was considered one of the wonders of the world in the Middle Ages.

Top Prague hotels

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Grandior Hotel Prague

Open in 2014 and located in the city centre, the Grandior Hotel Prague offers a restaurant and spacious rooms with free WiFi, very close to public transportation. A spa centre and a sauna are available for a surcharge. The rooms are air-conditioned, filled with light and fitted with classic furniture,...

Hotel Don Giovanni Prague

The Hotel Don Giovanni Prague is located next to the Zelivskeho Metro Station on line A, which takes you to the historic centre in 5 minutes. It features a spa area and a restaurant offering a rich buffet breakfast. All of the elegantly furnished rooms are air-conditioned and feature a flat-screen TV...

Residence Bologna

The Residence Bologna is located in the heart of Prague's Old Town, just 400 metres from Charles Bridge. It offers contemporary apartments and free WiFi is available throughout the property. All apartments in the Residence Bologna feature parquet flooring, tiles or carpet, and a marble bathroom...

Wellness Hotel Step

A 5-minute drive from the O2 Arena, Wellness Hotel Step is 3 km from Prague city centre. It features a direct connection to the Step Sports and Wellness Centre. Private parking as well as parking on the venue, are available at the hotel. Offering city views, Hotel Step’s modern and spacious rooms...

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Top Prague restaurants

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Hard Rock Cafe

Enjoy freshly prepared American entrees and classic favourites at Hard Rock Cafe Prague, situated in the four-story V. J. Rott building.

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