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Chennai (Madras) Trip Planner


Chennai trip planner suggests a variety of top itineraries to the populous city in South India. The itineraries in this page offer a complete package of the top attractions, things to do, restaurants events and tours in Chennai. The plans in the page are flexible so you can change them and adjust to your tastes and preferences.

Chennai is the capital of South Indian state of Tamilnadu. The city has a rich history of around 400 years. It was established in 1639 by the British as a commercial settlement named Madras. It serves as main gateway for South India. Chennai is also of major medical tourism destinations.

Chennai is particularly attractive for it lies at coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is also a popular art cultural and art hub.

Any traveler coming to Chennai plans to its beachfront. It is famed for one of the longest beach-fronts of the world. The sandy Marina beach is very popular among locals and tourists, making it a major tourist attraction of the city. The waters of the sea are rough and the waves are strong. The entire of Marina Beach is lined with a number of statues and monuments that have great cultural and historic significance.

To experience the local culture and lifestyle visit the DakshinaChitra museum. It serves as a heritage village, representing the daily life of South Indian traditional village. The collection of the museum includes 4,220 artifacts and 1,000,000 pictures.

For a panoramic outlook at Chennai, climb up 134 steps of St. Thomas Mount. The open air stage designed for public worship opens up a panoramic and picturesque view of the Chennai cityscape. There is also an ancient chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary that dates back to 16-17th century.

If you have a longer time to stay and enjoy your visit check out our trip planner for more attractions and events.

Best time of the year to plan your trip to Chennai is in winter from November to February. The temperature during these months is mild with 20- 25 °C. It is also the time of the year when most of festivals happen, like Pongal in January and Music and Dance festival in December.

Our trip planner has collected a number of itineraries for any traveler to arrange their Chennai trip faster, easier and more effective!

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Marina Beach

Marina beach is a popular urban beach within Bengal Bay in city of Chennai. The coastline stretches for 6.45 km making it one of world's longest beaches.

Kapaleeshwar Temple

Kapaleeshwarar Temple is the shrine of Lord Shiva located in Chennai city. The temple is believed to be one of the oldest, as well as most sacred places in Chennai. It dates back to 7th century and features a Dravidian architectural style.

Besant Nagar Beach

Besant Nagar Beach also known as Edward Elliot's Beach is located in Besant Nagar district of Chennai (Madras) city. It comprises the southern end of the Marina Beach shore. The Beach bears the name of the district it is located in as well as a local policeman and chief magistrate, Edward Elliot.


Madras Crocodile Bank is a reptile zoo and herpetology research center in India. It is located 40 kilometers south to Chennai or Madras city. The zoo is home to 2,483 animals, including 14 crocodile species, 10 turtle species, 3 snakes species, as well as 1 species of lizard.

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