Bevo Vino

Via di S. Niccolò, 59/r, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy, Florence


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  • Fabian Schläfke

    - 20 August 2018 -

    Pretty expensive and the food took over half an hour to come, although the place was pretty empty - first we also waited like 10 mins just toget the menu. food was good, but the service could definitely be better.

  • Marco Bonaglia

    - 12 August 2018 -

    We have been here to have a glass of wine and relax in summertime. In the end we also got some food: a plate of cured meat and mozzarella. We really enjoyed the place and the quality of products. The staff was nice and gave us useful advice on the wine selection.

  • Daniela Ivanova

    - 17 June 2018 -

    We had to pay 4 euro for the paper pads they served on and the waitress was really unpleasant! Too expensive for the quality of the food, the service and the atmosphere!

  • Joakim Frödin

    - 11 May 2018 -

    Good selection of beers. Nice to sit here for a while watching the people pass by.

  • Bryan Seow

    - 10 March 2018 -

    We went to this place late at night after arriving in Florence. We couldn’t get into l’Pizzachiere coz it was full so we just went next door! And were pleasantly surprised. We ordered 2 pizzas. One was mediocre but their Margherita pizza was delicious! Had friendly staff even at 10pm

  • Eduardo Betancourt

    - 06 October 2017 -

    Stopped there for lunch. So many restaurants to choose from, sometimes you just have bad experiences like this one. Bad service, the waitress couldn't let us know what a pappa is. The pizza napolitana was undercooked and had anchovies of bad quality. The chicken was floating on a stirfry type of sauce. They could do a lot better. Worst meal in Florence for us.

  • Michael Suffolk

    - 26 September 2017 -

    Ordered drinks to start with after walking from the lookout (which you should definitely do), wait staff/owner said "only drinks?" and snatched the cuttlery off the table before we could explain we would start with drinks while we looked at the menu. She took the menus and said something to the bar staff whilst gesturing over her head at us. Then went out the back and sat looking at her phone. There were no other orders as we were the only ones there. We waited for a few minutes before realising that no one was doing anything. As I stood to check on what was happening she waved her hand at the bar staff who started making my coffee. They brought out our order but missed one item. We drank as fast as we could then they tried to charge us for the full order. They argued that I was lying/an idiot until I pointed to the table to show that the glasses did not match the order. She grunted and then printed a new bill. Dont go here. The place directly across the road was way better and super friendly. We only came here because the other place was full. The coffee here was also rubbish.

  • Jamie Roach

    - 17 September 2017 -

    Not sure who's leaving these positive reviews, lasagne tasted like a cheap ready meal, heated up in the microwave, and pizza was clearly a shop bought base with a few toppings thrown on, inedible, tasteless, like cardboard. Refused to eat it. Next door had fantastic pizzas, a pity we wasted our time in here.

  • Patrick Oomen

    - 12 September 2017 -

    This is a terrible place. It looks Nice from the outside. But the service is terrible and the glasses are disgusting. The prices are also too high for the wine they serve.

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