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In Taormina trip planner platform you’ll have all the needed traveling highlights to plan your ideal vacation to Taormina. The page contains itineraries for any tourist no matter you’re traveling alone, with family, with friends, you’re on a budget or would prefer a romantic holiday. You’ll find a plan which matches you the best. All the best things to do, tours, restaurants and events are grouped in the itineraries here.
Taormina is a town in Sicily, located on a beautiful landmark of a hilltop. It faces the Ionian sea with its magnificent beaches on one hand, and legend-mount Etna on the other hand. Taormina has been a famous destination since 19th century, due to its unique Nature and rich history.
There is a lot to see in Taormina. The popular attraction list includes The Ancient theatre of Taormina, Isola Bella, 10th century Palazzo Corvaja, Church of San Domenico etc.
Many exhibitions and events are organized during the summer in Taormina; so the best time to visit the town is summer.
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Ancient Theatre of Taormina

Greek Theatre is the most historic attraction in Taormina.The ancient theatre was built in 3rd century before Christ. It has a diameter of 120 metres and with its huge size it is the 2nd largest amphitheater in Sicily. The greater part of the original seats have disappeared.

Isola Bella

Isola Bella island island not far from Taormina. The name literally means “Beautiful Island”, which actually matches and characterises the island. The island is located within a small bay on the Ionian Sea; it is now a nature reserve and a popular tourist destination.

Corso Umberto

Corso Umberto is the main street of Taormina. It is dedicated to Umberto I of Savoy, one of the kings of Italy. The street is always busy with locals and tourists, it is a popular walking area.Corso Umberto lies one kilometre through the old medieval town from one ancient gateway to another.

Villa Comunale

Villa Comunale Garden provides relaxing time around nature. It is one of the best gardens in Sicily. The garden was formed in 19th century. The beautiful garden gives lovely views and is a pleasing space both for tourist and local alike. It is a situated in Corso Umberto and the Teatro Greco.

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