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St. Petersburg Trip Planner


St. Petersburg Trip Planner is a series of itineraries designed to make your holiday to the historic city of St. Petersburg the most memorable one you had so far. St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. With over 5 million population the city is also the country’s historic and cultural center. The number of attractions the city has at your disposal include.

• Museums and galleries
• Parks and Palaces
• Cathedrals and small churches
• Squares and Bridges

First of all, by now you can imagine even the highways in the city are tourist destinations. Travelers from all over the globe visit the city for a weekend tour or a longer vacation. Moreover, these locations above link a number of breathtaking sights. One has to check out of their list the Hermitage Museum and the State Mariinsky Theatre before booking a plane ticket back home. there are a number of things to do here.The white nights will make your evening even more memorable. The normal nights, on the other hand, are even more mesmerizing. The city lights are on, the lamps above the bridges throw a shade on the night traffic making your ride in the city the best for capturing memories.

Once you are in the city make sure to visit the royal palaces. The Winter Palace among those is the most visited tourist destination in the city. The magnificent green and white structure have thousands of windows and lavishly furnished rooms. There are a number of hallways open for public visits. Your visit will leave you with better knowledge of Russia during Peter the Great.

While you are there make sure to take a stroll in the Palace Square; a vast public place circumscribed by a number of other attractions. The Neva river, flowing through the city has its own attractions and embankments you have to see. Each is unique with the links it makes in the city. And finally the Anichkov Bridge. If this sounds like the last stop you would make think twice. The landmark is mentioned in widely known works of Russian poets and writers. See the place for a complete picture of the iconic landmark in the entire world. St. Petersburg Trip Planner is your best tool to have your itinerary ready in advance.

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State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace

The State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace is the most fascinating attraction in Saint Petersburg. The baroque style three-floor building is an epitome of true beauty. To discover more about this unique structure continue reading.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is of the most visited attractions in Saint Petersburg. Tserkov Spasa na Krovi is what Russians call the church. To discover further details about the attraction continue reading.

Peterhof Grand Palace

Peterhof Grand Palace is one of the palaces and gardens Peter the Great gave the orders to build. This palace is part of the Russian Versailles. The magnificent palace is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. To find further details keep on reading.

The Museum Complex The State Museum St. Isaac’s Cathedral

St. Isaac's Cathedral State Museum-Memorial is the largest Orthodox Cathedral in Russia. This is the fourth largest Orthodox Cathedral in the world. The cathedral is devoted to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia. Tsar Alexander I ordered the construction. To discover more continue reading.

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