Escadaria Selaron

Rua Joaquim Silva, Rio de Janeiro


Escadaria Selaron are the world famous set of steps in Rio de Janeiro. It was made by a man, whose surname was Selaron, that’s where the name of the monument comes from. The steps feature colorful character and decorations of blue, green and yellow shades, which are the colours of the Brazilian flag. The steps are made of ceramics and mirrors.
Selaron starts from Joaquim Silva street and goes to Pinto Martins street. The monument has 215 steps measuring 125 metres long. They are covered with the tiles brought from all around the world.
The steps are one of the most recognizable landmark from Brazil and regularly appears on media.

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  • jonna martikainen

    - 01 September 2018 -

    Beautiful open-air work of art in one of Rio’s most bohemian neighbourhoods. Funny activity to go hunting for the tiles from your own country. Be careful with your stuff, especially on the top of the staircase where’s less people. Very busy and full of tourists at most times, so be prepared to line up if you want the classical picture of the stairs.

  • Egberto Melo Moreira Jr

    - 31 August 2018 -

    Absolutely beautiful! Or of the most impressive examples of street popular-art in the planet! Stretch your stroll and pay a visit to Santa Teresa Branch! Just climb up the Selaron and follow the road up, the rails on the floor will be a good guide ;-) Santa Teresa is packed with art galleries and artisan shops... Not to mention the Indigenous Art Shop Tucum.

  • Alex Kluger

    - 27 August 2018 -

    Beautiful stairs with enough detailed tiles to keep you busy for an hour or more. We found it impossible to get to pose for a photo that wasn’t crowded with tourists but perhaps arriving at a different time of day would’ve helped. Considering it’s free and in a cool neighborhood I strongly recommend a visit if you are in Rio.

  • mohrab2001

    - 05 August 2018 -

    Very unique spot! Make sure you budget enough time to appreciate the detailed art work. Could get pretty crowded if you are hoping to have a photo shoot, but there is a professional photographer on site that will help. A must see spot if you are in Rio!

  • Jaqueline Azevedo

    - 01 August 2018 -

    O lugar é muito bonito, porém muito movimentado. As pessoas querem muito tirar fotos sentados na escada, e isso faz com que você nunca saia sozinho na foto. Porém, suba mais um pouco. Lá em cima a escadaria continua linda e bem mais vazia! Cuidado ao sair do bairro Santa Teresa. Vimos um assalto logo após virarmos a rua da escadaria.

  • Daniel Cahill

    - 26 July 2018 -

    This was a very interesting place. We spent a good bit of time walking up to the top and looking at all the unique ceramic tiles. With over 2000+ tiles it is interesting to see where some of them came from. There is a large line at the bottom of the stairs to get a picture at the bottom but if you skip that and keep going up there are plenty more places to get a good photo

  • Mirco Rehmeier

    - 25 July 2018 -

    A bit overrated for what it is. Just some nice, colorful stairs. Be careful in the area as it's not exactly safe and many weird people are around. We were told not to wear any watches or show any jewelry.

  • Santiago Benavides

    - 19 July 2018 -

    Not really worth much. It's pretty, it's interesting, but it's a bit isolated, with nothing around that's nice (at the bottom or the top), so it feels a bit forced to be honest. Not to mention the huge crowd of people. I would not go out of the way to see this place.

  • Felix Dienst

    - 12 July 2018 -

    A tribute from a Chilean to the Brazilians. And he did not disappoint. You can find tiles with images from all over the world. Of course Football Clubs have been paid their tributes to as well. Good place to get to talk to some locals as well. Spent a bit talking to a guy selling his art. The warmth of the Brazilian people is incredible, been loving them all my life.

  • Eat Rio

    - 24 June 2018 -

    Unmissable and spectacular. It's a little rough around the edges, but that just adds to the charm. Go early to miss the crowds.

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