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Top Things to Do in Beijing

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Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)

Summer Palace is a huge complex which includes several lakes, hills parks and palaces.It is situated in Beijing and is called Yiheyuan by locals. The majority of the complex is water and the whole area is 2.9 square kilometres. It has become the most visited attraction in the city.

Forbidden City-The Palace Museum

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace, which is now a museum. The palace was a home to different dynasties of Chinese Еmpire between 1420 and 1912. There are over 980 buildings in the area of 72 hectares. The buildings are examples of traditional Chinese architecture.

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is an ensemble of religious buildings, situated in Beijing. The temple is also called Tiantan Park. It was a place, were the emporors and the royals gather every year to pray to Heaven for a good luck and happiness. The temple was built in 15th century.

Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen Guangchang)

Tiananmenis a city square in the centre of Beijing. Along the west side of the square is the Great Hall of the People. The square has a great political and cultural importance, as several notable buildings are situated here. The most important events of the city are also organized in this square.

Lama Temple (Yonghegong)

Lama Temple is a complex of school and monastery, which served for teaching Tibetan Buddhism for many years. It was built at the end of 17th century. The architecture of the temple is the mixture of Chinese and Tibetan styles. Lama temple also attracts the tourists with its artworks, well known all over the world.

Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing Street is a well-known shopping street in the center of Beijing. Along with all the historical points of the city, it’s a luxury corner with all the brand shops and markets. It’s the main shopping area both for tourists and residents of the city.

Long Corridor at the Summer Palace

The Long Corridor is the road that leads to the Summer Palace in Beijing. It’s a long walkway that has a length of 728 metres. The corridor is famous for its rich art gallery, housing over 14,000 paintings. The topics of the paintings are ethnic; the include Chinese classical literature and folk tales.

Jingshan Park (Jingshan Gongyuan)

Jingshan is a large park in Beijing, covering 23 hectares area. It is situated in the northern part of the Forbidden City. The principal point of the park is the artificial hill Jingshan, and the park’s name comes from there. Jingshan park was formerly an imperial garden.

Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in China, founded in 1906. It has an area of 89 hectares which includes gardens, ponds and lakes. The zoological garden and the aquarium has 450 species of land animals and over 500 species of marine animals.

Explore top things to do in Beijing: and more. Visit museums and take a stroll in the city park. Enjoy your afternoon in the iconic landmarks of the city. Here are the top spots to choose from. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry ticket and tours to plan your perfect Beijing trip itinerary.

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