Things to Do in Punta Cana

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Top Things to Do in Punta Cana

Most popular
Bavaro Beach

Bavaro Beach is among the most touristic areas in Punta Cana. The oldest and the most popular hotel in the area, Barcelo, which proudly stands not far from the newest and the most luxurious hotel Now Larimar Resort. The beach is full of cool bars and clubs. Bamboo bar, Soles and Umi are the best among them.

Macao Beach

Macao is a public beach in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. It is a favorite spot for the travelers, as the beach is one of the only beaches is the area, that provides apt for surfing. It is equally popular among tourists and locals, due to its esotic climate and the Nature.

Dolphin Explorer

Dolphin Explorer is one of the best experiences that you can have in your lifetime. Situated in the area of Punta Cana, this attraction is a lifelong dream for millions of people. It includes 4 hours interesting, interactive and unforgettable time, spend one of the most intelligent and kind mammals in the world.

Hoyo Azul
Hoyo Azul

Hoyo Azul is a natural sinkhole, located in the hidden corners not far from Punta Cana. In translation the name means “Blue Hole” It is a perfectly shaped inborn pool, which the Nature made itself. Its stunning sky blue waters attract the visitors and gives a full day experience all in all in natural conditions.

Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana

Hard Rock Casino is a famous attractions’ complex Punta Cana. It goes under the world’s best known brand “Hard Rock”. With its supper facilities and visitors qualities and attractions varieties, the casino is considered to be the hottest casino in the Caribbean.

Dolphin Island

Dolphin Island is a water park in Punta Cana, which offers swimming experience with dolphins, in friendly, relaxing and natural atmosphere. The park created the facilities, which don’t differ from the natural habitat of the dolphins. This fact helps to give real, wild, noble and interactive experience.

Dolphin Discovery Punta Cana

Dolphin Discovery is a complex of parks, water areas and pools, which provides one of the best experiences with dolphins. The main aim of the Dolphin Discovery is to create a unique connection between the people and marine life. Dolphin discovery ensures special contact between the visitors and the dolphins.

Palma Real Shopping Village

Palma Real Shopping Village is a collection of international retail and commercial brands under one roof. It’s the main shopping area in the Dominican Republic. But the concept of the Shopping Village is not limited by the brand shops. It's a huge complex with banks, cinema, hypermarket, restaurants.

Manati Park Bavaro

Manati Park is a theme park in Bavaro. It is one of the most famous family attractions’ areas in Punta Cana. The park is rich with splendid gardens and tropical plants. It is a perfect area to explore the fauna and flora of the Dominican Republic. The visitors of the park can enjoy different shows, restaurants, local craft shops and souvenirs.

San Juan Shopping Center

San Juan Shopping Center is a great combination of cloth shops, boutiques, dining places and halls for different occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. It’s houses more than 69 shops and many spots for fun and entertainment. Among the best shops are Polo, Puma, Lacoste, JLo, Burberry etc.

Sirenis Aquagames Punta Cana

Sirenis is a large water park in Punta Cana, which offers the most crazy Sirenis Aquagames in the country. It is a collection of the best water rides and attractions both for children and adults.It includes a huge swimming pool in the center, 10 metre high tower, 2 open toboggans around the pool.

Explore top things to do in Punta Cana: and more. Visit museums and take a stroll in the city park. Enjoy your afternoon in the iconic landmarks of the city. Here are the top spots to choose from. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry ticket and tours to plan your perfect Punta Cana trip itinerary.

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