Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh

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Top Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh

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Tiran Island

Tiran is an island in Saudi Arabia, which connects Red Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. The area of the island is about 80 square kilometres. Tiran island is considered to be a diver’s paradise, as it is famous for its pure waters and rich marine world. The boat excursions are also popular among tourists.

Ras Mohamed National Park

Ras Mohammad is a national park situated in tourist region of the Red Sea Riviera. The park has an area of 480 square kilometres. It includes surface land and area over water. The national park is famous for more than 220 species of coral.

SOHO Square

SOHO square is a family, friendly and couple entertainment center situated on White Knight Beach. The square offers a great variety of activities for everybody and is a famous point among tourists. It is famous for its stylish restaurants, bars and cafés with live entertainers and singers.

Na'ama Bay

Na'ama is a natural bay in Sharm El Sheikh. It is 10 minutes far from the Old city. It got a great popularity among tourists because of the cafes, restaurants, hotels, and bazaars. The Pacha, Little Buddha and Hard Rock Cafe are the most famous nightclubs in Na’ama.

Star Gazer Night

Star Gazer Night is a tour in Sharm El Sheikh, which includes all the traditional activities the tourists should see in Egypt. The tour starts with the camel riding along the desert. At the end the guides take the group to enjoy the star gazing with the telescopes. The local astronomers will lead the process.

Shark's Bay Beach

Shark's Bay is a complex of beaches located in Sharm El Sheikh. It was a cosy diving point in the past, now it is a group of five star holiday resorts.The name of the resort comes from a big number of sharks that once lived there. Now the development of the bay made them abandon their home.

Musical Fountain Sharm el-Sheikh

Musical Fountain are the most colorful and relaxing experience in Sharm El Sheikh. They are situated in SOHO square. In the center of all the best cafes, restaurants, clubs and sport courts, the fountains give a fascinating look to the square and the whole area.

Aqua Blue Diving & Water Sports

Aqua Blue Water Park is a family friendly entertainment resort in Sharm El Sheikh. The park has 44 water slides, 9 pools for adults and 3 pools for the children. The complex includes a range of different restaurants and bars. The food is divers, from the Italian to Indian cuisines.

Old Market

Old Market in Sharm El Sheikh is an area of typical ancient old style Egypt. The houses here were built several decades ago. The market is full of Egyptian food, fresh fruits, local handicrafts and souvenirs. The whole area features narrow streets and old buildings.

Dolphina Park

Dolphina park is a huge water amusement park in Sharm El Sheikh. It is the only dolphinarium in South Sinai. The Park is a unique experience, that shouldn’t be missed in Egypt. The visit to the Dolphina includes watching the dolphin show, swimming with our dolphins, dancing and even diving with them.

Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh

Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh is a newly opened park and a shopping complex. it is very well secured, huge complex, located next to Al Salam mosque. The park is especially attractive for families with children. Enjoy amazing light, sound and water shows, as well as different professional shows on the main stage.

Coptic Church

Virgin Mary and Saint Mina is a coptic orthodox church in Sharm El Sheikh. It is situated in the center of the city and welcomes all the Christians and those, who are interested in Christian coptic topic. The church has a big cultural value.

Explore top things to do in Sharm El Sheikh: and more. Visit museums and take a stroll in the city park. Enjoy your afternoon in the iconic landmarks of the city. Here are the top spots to choose from. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry ticket and tours to plan your perfect Sharm El Sheikh trip itinerary.

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