Things to Do in Mumbai (Bombay)

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Top Things to Do in Mumbai (Bombay)

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Gateway of India

Built in 1924 The Gateway of India is an Indo-Saracenic style monument, one of the most popular ones among Indian tourist destinations. For further information visit us.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Bandra-Worli Sea Link is a revolutionizing bridge with a unique structure. The bridge is a wonder for engineers built to hold up about 37.500 cars. The bridge is a true scene for the architects. To find out more check the page.

Marine Drive

If you love long walk along the seaside, you will enjoy this Marine Drive, Mumbai even more. The 3.6 K long coastline street will give you all the chills once you encounter the view from up there. Read more for further details.

Shree Siddhivinayak

One of the largest temples in India Siddhivinayak Temple is devoted to Lord Shri Ganesh. One of the most loved tourist destinations in the whole of India the Siddhivinayak Temple is a wonder of its nature. Click to discover more.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

If you haven’t seen a castle-esque railway station you have to go see the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway station in Mumbai. This unique landmark is also recognized as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. To discover further details read more.


Occupying more than four acres of land ISKCON Temple – Mumbai is among the most beautiful temples in the city. Among the range of events taking place in the temple there are special programs promoting spiritual and cultural insight. Read more for further details.


Colaba is a neighborhood in Mumbai, India. Right on the edge of Mumbai, this divergent district is the center of attractions in Mumbai. You won’t have a lack of things to explore in Colaba. For further Details read more.

Nariman Point

On the southern end of Marine Drive, Mumbai Nariman Point is the spot to take a great shot of the Arabian Sea. Nariman Point is a booming Business center in Mumbai. The place gives an impression of Manhattan-ian vibe.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is one of the most beautiful attractions in India. The most famous one in Mumbai Juhu Beach is also among the most visited ones in India. Read more.

Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum

Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum is the museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi life and work. Gandhi used to stay here for short interrupted stays – the owner of the place noted. To discover more about the place continue reading.

Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary church is a fascinating Roman Catholic Basilica situated in Mumbai. Both a place of worship and a ground-breaking model of architecture the Mount Mary church is a terrific attraction in Mumbai. Click to find out more.

Haji Ali Mosque

If you already booked your trip to India Haji Ali Mosque is a must-see location in Mumbai. Off the seashore, this magnificent structure is a perfect example of Indo-Islamic Architecture. Read more here.

Explore top things to do in Mumbai (Bombay): and more. Visit museums and take a stroll in the city park. Enjoy your afternoon in the iconic landmarks of the city. Here are the top spots to choose from. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry ticket and tours to plan your perfect Mumbai (Bombay) trip itinerary.

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