Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda

Piazza Ravegnana, Bologna


Towers of Bologna is the historical structures, which once made the original shape and landmark of the city. The most famous among them are the Two Towers, situated Piazza di Porta Ravegnana.
The structures were built between 12-13 centuries. At that time the number of the towers gained 180. During the centuries, many of them were collapsed and destroyed; the ones, which still were standing, served as prison, city tower, shop or residential building.
Today around 10 of them are standing, including Azzoguidi Tower (61m), the Prendiparte Tower (60m), the Scappi Tower (39 m), Uguzzoni Tower (32 m) etc.
The real reasons for building these towers is not clear, however the towers were owned by the rich families and were the symbol of wealth.

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  • Roy Doyle

    - 24 August 2018 -

    Much more impressive than Pisa, for me at least. I couldn't face the climb (498 steps!) in the heat, but one day I will!

  • Alice Godridge

    - 30 July 2018 -

    A very hot and sweaty walk up in July! Lots and lots of steps! But the views are definitely worth it! Don't look down on the way down if you have vertigo!

  • Leif Svensson

    - 26 June 2018 -

    A tower with perfect view over the city, the tickets are not that expensive. They aöso have reduced pricing for students. The stairs up to the tower are amazing, but can be a challenge for someone with that isn't used to walk up heavy stairs. But it is worth the view at the top.

  • Philippe LOUCHET

    - 18 June 2018 -

    500 stairs to go to the top. Worth to see the view on top and the stairs are not so bad. Need to book the entrance if you want to climb. The place with the two towers (one falling) is very nice as well, worth to see.

  • Paul Sherwood

    - 05 June 2018 -

    I enjoy towers for the views and I enjoyed this one. Well worth a visit but only if you don't mind the climb as there's no lift.

  • Koen Scholten

    - 22 May 2018 -

    Amazing climb to the top with stairs, not for the faint hearted people. The stairs are solid and it is a pretty climb. Once you are at the top, you will find an amazing view of Bologna. Definitely worth the climb. Reserve in advance, this is because of the small stairs.

  • Georgi Cherkezov

    - 09 May 2018 -

    A medieval tower from which you can see the whole town. Consider that you will not be able to buy tickets from the tower's entrance, you have to go to "Bologna Welcome", which is located on the main square. Prepare for climbing over 400 steps in a very narrow space. At the end it's going to be worth the effort!

  • Elena Dobre

    - 29 January 2018 -

    Open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm and on Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Ticket is 5€full price and 3€for students, available in the tourist office in Piazza Maggiore. Specific schedules are in place so they tell you the precise hour you can go in. 97.20m tall tower without lift, you need to take the 498 stairs for a wonderful view over the city of Bologna.

  • Dylan

    - 08 January 2018 -

    Probably the highlight in Bologna. Well worth the climb. A word of warning: the climb up is a challenge in itself! (See the pictures). If you're not the tiniest sized person, this will prove extremely hard because the stairs are very narrow and you will have to contend with a constant stream of people coming down while you're moving up! You will have to squeeze constantly with people rubbing against your back or front. That said, it is well worth the effort to see the famous orange tiled roofs of Bologna. Beautiful!!

  • Dmitro Pelyukhno

    - 25 November 2017 -

    Bologna special city without heaven. Two tower is a best point to see that. Have not a length for visit. Cost around 3€. One of the tower stand like one in Pisa.

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