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Piazzale degli Uffizi 6, Florence


Uffizi Gallery is one of the most important art museums in Italy and the most visited one! Uffizi is one of top tourist attractions of Florence. It stands in the Historic Center of Florence, next to the Piazza della Signoria. Uffizi Gallery is said to be one of the largest all over the world.

The Gallery exhibits an exceptional collection of Italian Renaissance artwork. It is based on Medici house collection that was gifted to Florence city to preserve. The collection is on exhibition open to public since 18th century.

Uffizi has 50 rooms exhibiting paintings from 13th century up to 18th century. The pearls of the exhibition are Giotto's Madonna di Ognissanti, Botticelli's Birth of Venus, the works of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello and Tiziano. Interestingly the pictures are exhibited in chronological order so that you can witness the development of art.

The lines for tickets are really long, so during high seasons you might have to wait for up to 5 hour. However, online booking is available so you should definitely buy them in advance to save time. General ticket costs € 16.75 per adult. Free admission for people under 18!

The Gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday 8.15 am to 6.50 pm.

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Open Hours:

  • Tue

    08:15 - 18:50

  • Wed

    08:15 - 18:50

  • Thu

    08:15 - 18:50

  • Fri

    08:15 - 18:50

  • Sat

    08:15 - 18:50

  • Sun

    08:15 - 18:50

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  • Kim Floriance

    - 07 September 2018 -

    Here you can see in real life those master pieces what you have read about. Amazing collection of art. One tip, simply go in time early in morning if you don´t love standing and waiting among hundreds of others. If you are an art history student this is must place to visit. Amazing place indeed.

  • Ben Spear

    - 26 August 2018 -

    A mind blowing fine-art packed experience. We ambled through in a comfortable 4 hours. The place was laid out so that you follow a set path instead of weaving between different areas which worked well. It isn't all air conditioned and some areas were quite warm, others a bit chilly!perfect for couples, individuals or families. The cafe was well stocked but as you would expect, very expensive.

  • J M

    - 26 August 2018 -

    Uffizi Gallery is a beautiful museum with a lot of very recognisable art pieces. Do not underestimate its size. At a leisurely pace, seeing everything in this museum will take several hours. Buying a ticket in advance to cut the line can be a good idea, since the lines can be very long (an hour or more). Taking photos is allowed without flash! When you are visiting Florence, be sure to visit this museum.

  • isabelle g. mendizabal

    - 17 August 2018 -

    Incredibile, just...incredible. I mean, there’s about a hundred little museums in Florence, but this one is one you have got to see. Excellent art collection available. Don’t be bothered by the excessively long line to get in, though. Take your time and savor everything you see. I would recommend getting a guide (and even being in a guided tour group...they can get in a little faster) so you can really understand all that you’re seeing. It’s beautiful. I wouldn’t worry too much about the line, it moves relatively fast and is not so bad. Stay hydrated and energized. I would suggest buying tickets online and picking them up when you get there. You still have to wait in line, but if you reserve in advance you don’t have to worry about them being sold out. During the summer at night they show movies in Italian on a big projector in the plaza. Pretty neat.

  • Lee Minett

    - 14 August 2018 -

    I believe this is the world's oldest gallery and houses a few valuable works of art. If you're an art lover (I'm not), I'm sure you could spend many hours walking and gawping. We purchased tickets in advance, but still had to queue for 35m to enter. Once inside, crowd level are not too bad. However, you'll still need to pack patience Getting to the cloak room once you have finished is not easy, so look out for signs when you're back at the exit.

  • Azad Onur Kekilli

    - 08 August 2018 -

    For the ones who love and adore art, this is like one of the top 5 museums in the world. Every room has a crown jewel and you just walk through the rooms stunned by the beauty. Do not skip this museum no matter what. (I think It is also the world's most visited museum so I guess people don't usually skip it anyway) Keep your cell phone and google the images you like for more info, as I think many of this images deserve a little bit more recognition.

  • Harrison Rushforth

    - 09 July 2018 -

    Such a beautiful gallery and a vast collection of art and sculptures! There are 3/4 floors to this museum and each contains different collections, my personal favourite was the 3rd floor which can be seen in the attached pictures. Prices are lower for children and students and the best prices can be found online. You are better off booking in advance as it often sells out.

  • Anita Howitt

    - 28 June 2018 -

    The most amazing art collection. Every ceiling fresco is different, and the details are so gorgeous. I went to this because a fellow traveler recommended I go, and I'm so glad I did. To get tickets, go online and buy them direct from the museum to get best prices. You are required to make an account and buy for a specific date and time of entry, so plan ahead. Ticket sellers at the door rip off tourists.

  • Nikhil Baliga

    - 25 June 2018 -

    The Uffizi gallery is one of the most beautiful museums that I have ever visited. They have a splendid collection of art - statues, paintings and more. The statues are absolutely stunning with features that look almost life like. The amount of detail that has gone into the design of fingers and toes is mind blowing. The museum is huge and takes considerable time to complete. In my opinion this museum is second only to Louvre.

  • Kielan D'Souza

    - 22 June 2018 -

    Amazing art in here. We went on the first Sunday of the month which is when they give tickets out for free when you get to the door! The line is immense! So get there early!!! There are obviously some works of art that are “more important” so the guided tours crowd around them. You just have time it so that when they leave you get in there right after.

  • Daniel Grayson

    - 14 May 2018 -

    Seeing three out of four Ninja Turtles in one place isn’t bad.

  • DerBenni

    - 10 May 2018 -

    Expensive but worth it.

  • Jasmine

    - 02 May 2018 -

    It was quite busy, but I really liked my visit! The collection of art is amazing :)

  • Irisha

    - 05 April 2018 -

    Must see. 10/10

  • Laura Merryweather

    - 28 February 2018 -

    Brilliant value for money, sooo much to see, including showstoppers Botticelli and Caravaggio! Book ahead thou, we made the mistake of thinking we wouldn’t need to in February. 2 hour queue.

  • Nyssa Shaw-Smith Gendelman

    - 21 February 2018 -

    Get there first thing in the morning and be prepared to stand in line. The museum is filled with amazing pieces and totally worth the wait, but seriously, you want to arrive right when it opens.

  • Maria Beliakova

    - 18 February 2018 -

    Must visit. Monday is a day off. Price on the spot (w/o reservation fee via official website) is just 12 euro for adult.

  • Solange Cruz

    - 07 February 2018 -


  • Mike Melon

    - 06 February 2018 -

    One of the greatest museum I have ever been. So kuch art in one place is worhty seening.

  • Solange Cruz

    - 06 February 2018 -

    Boticelli galeria uffizzi. Peggy Guggenheim

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