Basilica di San Marco commonly known as Saint Mark's Basilica is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice, northern Italy. It is the most famous of the city's churches and one of the best known examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture. It lies at the eastern end of the Piazza San Marco, adjacent and connected to the Doge's Palace. Originally it was the chapel of the Doge, and has only been the city's cathedral since 1807, when it became the seat of the Patriarch of Venice. For its opulent design, gold ground mosaics, and its status as a symbol of Venetian wealth and power, from the 11th century on the building has been known by the nickname Church of gold.

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  • ashutosh gautam

    - 05 September 2018 -

    It's marvelous, U have to get in queue to get inside. I think ticket will cost you around 3-5 euro. Only problem is you have to pay inside the Basilica too, to visit few specific areas also. Inside too its greatly architectural marvelously built.

  • Haythum Tayeb

    - 03 September 2018 -

    The outside is amazing. The inside would be as well were it not for people yelling no photo no photo and trying to have u pay extra money to see additional stuff. They claim it's all for maintaining sacredness of the place but what they're doing is defeating the purpose.

  • Keiko Gonzales

    - 21 August 2018 -

    Highly recommend buying the skip the line tickets from their official website for only €3 (you pick a 15 min window, but there’s zero line!). We bought the morning of for an afternoon slot. Once you’re inside, there are beautiful mosaics everywhere. If you go towards the right, you can view the Treasury for an additional few euros. It’s small, but interesting if you like historical/religious relics. After you loop around, you can ascend steep steps to view the museum (additional ticket) and go out on the loggia where the Quadriga are. The original quadriga (four horses) are inside. The loggia has an awesome view of the Square and the sea.

  • Emi DiStefano

    - 13 August 2018 -

    i am disappointed by a staff members behavior on 08/12. After waiting in line for an hour, i was told I could not enter due to the length of my shorts. If this is a rule please just be nice about it, consist with what is allowed, have a specific rule (below knees), and post a sign about this outside. The guy working at the entrance snapped his fingers at me and did not mention that I could purchase a skirt cover to go in. There were many other ladies with same length shorts who were not stopped. I did not feel welcome here.

  • Brandon Zoras

    - 13 August 2018 -

    We tried to go around 10 am and the line was almost to the water so came back close to closing and it was about half that. We maybe waited 15-20 minutes. No bags or backpacks allowed. A lot of people saw be sign at the start of the line and waited all that time and then the guard didn’t let them in. Knees and shoulders covered or they make you wear a blue robe. It was nice on the inside but weird that entrance was free but there was all these little lines to area where you have to pay with little description of what it was. We just toured the main part ourselves.

  • Pat Cody

    - 03 August 2018 -

    A marvelous basilica, but the €5 price of admission to the museum upstairs is a bargain. Not only is the view of the main part of the basilica great, but there are models of the basilica as well as as architectural drawings, the original horses that graced the exterior and you get up close and personal with some amazing mosaics. Want to step out and see the copy horses up close? Can do. Enjoy!!

  • Dino aroundtheworld

    - 21 July 2018 -

    We made a special night tour when it was closed to public, that was the best decision. Its very spectacular to see it im private and when the lights go on for you. Amazing that someone put all the tiles on the walls, must see.

  • Tom Hemmings

    - 10 July 2018 -

    Beautiful building with lots to see. Highly recommend paying €3 on the website to skip the queue. Halved the time to get in and only takes a couple of minutes to get inside. Woman need to make sure they have covered shoulders or they can buy a gown once inside (€2).

  • Gerald Holt

    - 27 June 2018 -

    Beautiful history. Admission is free and the line is typically less than 15 minutes. The dress code is respectful of church: no exposed shoulders or knees. Purses are allowed, but backpacks need to be checked. A few special parts of the basilica require a 2 euro admission, but most of the basilica can be viewed at no cost.

  • Martyn Davies

    - 13 June 2018 -

    It costs just three euros to enter the Basilica, but it left me thinking that it wasn’t worth the entrance fee. First things first, buy a skip-the-line ticket online, but go to the official website as other ticket outlets bundle in a tour, which increases the cost exponentially. The basilica is the most popular attraction in Venice by far and the queues very quickly build and wind across the square. Shorts and bare shoulders are not allowed, but they will sell you shawl-like coverings for two euros. Because of the number of people in the Basilica at any given time you will be forced to shuffle along with the herd at a snail-like place. It’s very difficult to enjoy any of the architecture at all. And you’re not allowed to take photos inside so you can’t capture any of the sights for reviewing later. They’ll take another couple of euros off you if you want to see any of the side exhibitions, and more if you want to explore other levels of the basilica. We were so disenchanted with the experience we didn’t bother.

  • Richard Hill

    - 14 February 2018 -

    Pala d'Oro

  • Mada

    - 01 December 2017 -

    Jingle bells💕

  • Thomas Thommy

    - 01 November 2017 -

    A must see in Venedig - buy the tickets in advance for 2 EUR for the fast track

  • Jon B.

    - 27 September 2017 -

    Work with a local guide to skip the line, and enjoy incredible frescos and other pieces of art from this Byzantine-style basilica.

  • Başak

    - 01 September 2017 -

    amazing nice atmosphere ceiling works impressive

  • Joe Doppio

    - 08 August 2017 -

    Wonderful and peaceful place

  • Sean McKenzie

    - 24 July 2017 -

    Skip the line, you maniac. There's no reason not to.

  • JT Andrade

    - 17 July 2017 -

    The line looks intimidatingly long but moves quickly. If your shoulders are exposed or shorts are too short they will ask you to cover up or purchase a cloth to wear temporarily I believe at 1€.

  • Erland Sanjoto™

    - 30 June 2017 -

    What a Master Piece of Architecture

  • Rafael Reed

    - 12 June 2017 -

    Not that great. If you are not a fan of architecture and churches the only thing you would like is the terrace view, but the line is not worth it.

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