Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Rd, Nairobi


Karen Blixen Museum is the house museum of famous Danish writer Karen Bilxen, who lived here from 1917 to 1931.

The museum is housed in a bungalow-style farm house built in 1912. It's located 10 km away from the Nairobi city center, at the foot of Ngong Hills. It is the former home of Danish writer Karen Blixen who authored the famous book named "Out of Africa". The book represented the life at the estate.

The museum also suggests a dinning opportunity in a nice and relaxing environment. The is also a museum gift shop selling hand- made crafts, postcards, the book "Out of Africa" and several local souvenirs. The museum has an extensive green garden lying in front of it. It is available for rent for weddings and other corporate events.

The Museum is open to public visits daily from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Guided tours through the house are offered continuously and are included the entrance fee. The entrance costs 11 $ for adults and ~ 6 $ for children.

The easiest way to get the museum is via public transport. Take matatu (minibus) number 24 via Kenyatta Ave. You can also take a taxi which will cost around 15-20 $ from the city centre.

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Open Hours:

  • Mon

    08:30 - 17:30

  • Tue

    08:30 - 17:30

  • Wed

    08:30 - 17:30

  • Thu

    08:30 - 17:30

  • Fri

    08:30 - 17:30

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  • Sun

    08:30 - 17:30

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  • Tim Arnold

    - 28 August 2018 -

    A very interesting experience seeing Karen Blixen's house and the old coffee drying machine. I could easily imagine sitting on the back terrace and enjoying the view of the grounds and the mountains in the distance.

  • Mick Huerta

    - 03 August 2018 -

    An enjoyable excursion not so far outside of Nairobi. And a wonderful afternoon sitting in the garden having lunch and sipping Tusker Beer.

  • Whit Logan

    - 28 July 2018 -

    A must see if you have the time. Very interesting and I suggest watching "Out of Africa" with Streep & Redford before you get here....it will put it in better context for you. 👍🦒🐘🦏🦓

  • Mick Huerta

    - 21 July 2018 -

    A really enjoyable excursion not so far outside of Nairobi. And a wonderful afternoon sitting in the garden having lunch and sipping Tusker Beer.

  • Meghana Raja

    - 12 July 2018 -

    Everything here is so well kept and maintained! The guides are so well-informed here. We learned so much and had every one of our random questions answered. It was very cool to see all the artifacts and items left over from her life. Also the grounds are stunningly beautiful.

  • Rey Ray

    - 04 July 2018 -

    Neat history of Kenya, it's people. .and a great chronology of the arrival of different visitors over a tremendous amount of time! Wonderful representation of the flora and fauna of this great East African country. .. . .and did I add the Art, Culture and.. And the dinosaur skeletons! You just have to visit!

  • Njeri Macharia

    - 23 May 2018 -

    The museum is nice. The guides are well informed. However there isnt much else to do. There is the coffee gardens next door

  • Amit Sethi

    - 06 May 2018 -

    Amazing house and land. Every nook has a story associated. The guides do a great job of transporting you to a romantic era. Must visit place in nairobi.

  • Flavio Glielmi

    - 30 January 2018 -

    We asked to go in but 12€ It was enough for us (we were about to depart with not much money). So we rested one hour outside the Park, in front of the house, and none says nothing to us. After One hour a Guardian (female, Little oversized) said to us that if we not pay the ticket , we Will not able to go away (as a menace, prisonners). After ten minute we explained that we rested outside the Park house, in wide space and in front all the staff without none says nothing, She asked 10€ kes ti let leave us away (but without pay the ticket, ad a corruption) Be aware!

  • Leana Podeszfa

    - 28 January 2018 -

    We actually just walked in to ask a question as we where looking for something nearby. One of the staff started harassing us if we had taken any pictures (which we hadn't). When I explained to her that we only wanted to ask a question she was trying to tell us we had to buy tickets even though we didn't want to go inside. We then decided to leave but she kept harassing my elderly mother who doesn't speak english very well. Extremely rude staff!

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