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Top Things to Do in Warsaw

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Old Town
Old Town

The Warsaw Old Town is the oldest part of the city. It is locally know as Stare Miasto. The Old Town is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Warsaw. Warsaw Old Town combines the historical heritage of the city. The district has been inhabited for almost 1000 years, since 13th century.

Lazienki - Royal Residence Park

Lazienki Park is the largest park in the center of the Polish capital. Lazienki Park means "Baths Park" or "Royal Baths Park" in Polish. The park dates back to 17th century, when it was constructed as a baths park for a nobleman. In 18th century Lazienki became a royal complex with palaces, villas and monuments. In 1918 Lazienki became a public park.

Warsaw Uprising Museum

Warsaw Uprising Museum honors city's residents that have fought and died in Polish independence war. The exhibition represents the war and fighting, as well as daily routine of Warsaw people during the 1944 fight. It is an interesting and interactive historical experience for people who value the past.

Old Town Market Square

Old Town Square Market is the historical center of Warsaw since 13th century. During the Second World War the Square was blown up by the Nazis. It was rebuilt afterwards. It is locally known as Rynek Starego Miasta. Today you can find here restaurants, cafes and shops with local cuisine and souvenirs.

Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of Culture and Science is the highest building ever in Poland. It has 42 floors and is 237 meters tall! It is also the highest clock tower in the world. The iconic building is a must see for anyone visiting Warsaw. It was built between 1952-1955. The palace was a "gift of friendship" to Poland issued by Joseph Stalin himself.

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

POLIN Museum of History of Polish Jews is the only museum dedicated to history and culture of Polish Jews. Polin means Poland in Hebrew. Museum’s permanent exhibition is represents the 1000-year history of Polish Jews. Museum’s stands in place of former Warsaw Ghetto and faces the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes in Warsaw.

Copernicus Science Centre

Copernicus Science Center is a science museum in Warsaw, Poland. The Copernicus is the biggest science institution in its type in Poland. It is also one of the most developed scientific centers all over Europe. The 450 interactive exhibits of the museum allow visitors to carry out experiments on their own.

The Royal Castle in Warsaw - Museum

The Royal Castle locally known as Zamek Krolewski is more a palace than a castle. It dates back to the 14th century when a tower and wooden buildings stood here in place of it. During the Second World War the Germans blew up the castle. The reconstruction of the old Royal castle started to restore the original looks. A lot of original details can still be seen by visitors.

Nowy Swiat

Nowy Swiat is one of the most prominent historic boulevards of Warsaw. It is part of the Royal Route that stretches from Warsaw's Royal Castle to Wilanow royal residence. Similar to other attraction is Warsaw Nowy Swiat was destroyed by the Nazis. At the beginning of 20th century almost all neoclassical architecture barely survived and buildings changed into art nouveau style.

Castle Square (Plac Zamkowy)

Castle Square is a historic square located in Warsaw. It stands in front of the Polish Royal Castle. The Square hosts one of the most symbolic monuments of Warsaw, King Sigismund's Column. It was placed in 1644 and is one of the oldest monuments of the city.

Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanow

The Wilanow Palace is a Baroque style palace and one of the finest examples of Polish architecture. It dates back to 17th century when King Jan III Sobieski ordered the construction. The highlight of the palace is the statue of Jan III Sobieski on a horse with a sword in his hand symbolizing his victories.

Monument to the Warsaw Uprising Fighters

Warsaw uprising monument is a vast and impressive memorial honoring the thousands of Polish independence fighters. Interestingly, the monument stands at the place where once was the entry into the canal system used to escape from the German Nazis. Wincenty Kucma was the sculptor of the monument. It stands on the southern side of Krasiński Square since 1989.

Explore top things to do in Warsaw: and more. Visit museums and take a stroll in the city park. Enjoy your afternoon in the iconic landmarks of the city. Here are the top spots to choose from. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry ticket and tours to plan your perfect Warsaw trip itinerary.

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