Myeongdong Shopping Street

Jung-gu, Seoul


Myeongdong Shopping Street is Seoul’s shopping arena and the must be place for shopaholics. The street is equivalent to London’s Oxford Street with a number of highly known brands spread across the place. Meanwhile, the street houses Soul’s financial, business and commercial points. About 2 million people crowd the neighborhood in daylight.

Tourists find all kinds of items there- everything from high-end clothing to casual wear. You must have heard stories about wonders of Korean cosmetics. Well, you have to visit Myeongdong Shopping Street to try a couple of things yourself.  The street is a must-see destination both for the tourists and the locals. There is a unique kind of diversity you could experience here. The place offers it all – everything from greatly popular brands to affordable goods.

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  • YE JI Lee

    - 10 February 2017 -

    연극 '조씨고아, 복수의 씨앗'

  • YE JI Lee

    - 16 October 2016 -

    연극'로베르토 쥬코'

  • YE JI Lee

    - 23 September 2015 -

    연극 '아버지와 아들'

  • 수정 신

    - 07 May 2014 -

    여긴 2열이 1열(구소련 우주비행사)

  • Won Gi Yoo

    - 08 February 2014 -

    제발 제발 휴대폰 전원은 끄고.. 공연 중간에 꺼내서 보지맙시다!! 벨이 3번이나 울렸어요! -_-;

  • korea photo

    - 25 December 2013 -

    Myeongdong Theater is an exclusive theatrical performance center, which has opened in the building where the National Theater of Korea used to be located

  • inah sss

    - 22 November 2013 -

    내부에서 사진 촬영 절대 금지 ㅋㅋ 어떻게 찾아내서 직원들이 말림 ㅋㅋ

  • Ghyun Song

    - 13 November 2013 -

    직원들이 넘 부담스러워요

  • Taekwon Oh

    - 25 June 2013 -

    연극하면 뭔가 어렵게 느껴지죠?? 하지만 명동예술극장에서 하는 공연은 믿고 볼만해요!!! 종종 꽤 괜찮은 특강도 무료로 한답니다~!!

  • Coallesia PARK

    - 14 April 2013 -

    3층은 비추천! 그래도 연극은 재미있었다

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